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- Deluxe Leather Slip On Pads

Classic Leather Slip-On Pads

Crafted of high quality, full-grain leather, Pachmayr's Classic Slip-On Pads have the stylish elegance to compliment any high end or collectable rifle or shotgun. Plus, they provide much needed recoil relief. They are fitted with a hidden VelcroŽ closure which tightens to an attractive custom fit on virtually any stock.
Best of all, each pad conceals a specially molded cushion of Pachmayr's Decelerator material. This incredible material soaks up recoil like no other. Classic Slip-On pads are also ideal to increase the length of pull when shooting in warm weather.

  Classic Leather Black Slip On
  Large 5 3/8" long by 1 3/4" wide #04521 BUY NOW

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